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Brand Ambassadors for Michelle's Flowers

Happy New Years flower friends!!


Let’s kick off 2021 with something fun …. how about free stuff?!?

Become a Brand Ambassador for Michelle's Flowers!!

We are looking for some super groupies!


Are you fun, positive, + awesome?! Do you love flowers ...  free flowers!? Free tees? And sweet discount codes?

(Obviously right!)


Click HERE to apply


Here is the gist:

We are looking for some spokesladies who are active on instagram and want to enjoy some free flowers, tees, and discount codes (while creating brand awareness for Michelle’s Flowers + the new floral T Shirt line that will launch soon ‘Rosy + June’)

Pretty fun hey?!


Wishing you such a lovely start to 2021!

Much love to you and yours as you head into the new year!

Michelle xo