We are OPEN for contactless delivery. Thank you for supporting our small business! Closed on Monday, January 4th, 2022. Stay safe and healthy everyone! xo
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Saskatoon | Mother's Day Hours

Hello Friends!!

Happy Mother's Day week. Cheers to all the superheroes!! (especially during this crazy time!!)

Wanted to update all of our AWESOME customers in Saskatoon and surrounding areas, to let YOU know that we are open this Mother's Day! (And we will be delivering flowers + gifts locally in Saskatoon and surrounding areas both Saturday and Sunday)

As a lil BONUS, we are offering a 24 hour discount of 20% off all orders over $50 orders!
Use the code: FLASH20

Here is some information on how deliveries during the Covid Pandemic:
-During this crazy time we will be practicing social distancing with no contact flower delivery, knock knock ginger style deliveries. 
-Our delivery gals + guys will ring the leave the flowers on the front step, ring the doorbell, and take 10 feet back and wait the recipients to receive their flowers. 
-For apartments and condo buildings, the recipients will be phoned or buzzed to come down to get their flowers. 
-There are NO deliveries going to the hospital (palliative is accepting flowers but that will be the only ward).

As a safety precaution there will be no customers allowed in the studio! We will be keeping our work space and utensils clean + sanitized throughout the day,  as well as wiping down all containers before they leave for delivery. 

Wishing you all a lovely week!
Stay healthy + safe! xo