We are OPEN for contactless delivery. Thank you for supporting our small business! Closed on Monday, January 4th, 2022. Stay safe and healthy everyone! xo
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Same Day Flower Delivery in Saskatoon

Change is coming my friends!

2020 has really taught me many things and I am so thankful for the opportunity of some extra free moments this passed year. Among some of the things I have learnt is 'stop and smell the roses' ... I know what a cliche! SOOooo ...

It starts with Wednesdays ...Wednesday's are officially creative days at the studio. Legit so excited for the time to be creative freely in different mediums!! As well as take extra time to plan ahead for special things for our customers and floral holidays. Being a small business (running it and working in it at the same time), you take on many hats so I am excited to free up some time to actually do more!

We will no longer be doing same day delivery on Wednesdays in Saskatoon and surrounding areas and the phones will go to voicemail.

Don't worry, you can still get flowers out for delivery on Wednesdays, you just need to place your order ahead of time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy right?!


Cheers to Wednesday!!?

Hope you have a lovely day!


p.s on the agenda today, making valentine's cards!! Stay tuned!?