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Planning a Wedding during a Pandemic

Are you are planning a wedding during this pandemic ... if yes ... first things first, sorry!! Sorry that your idea or dream for your wedding isn't what you planned. It sucks and I can totally relate! *big hugs to you*

BUT guess what?! I have great news, your day is still going to be magic! I promise.


My husband and I were to be married on April 9th, 2020 in Arizona at the most picturesque place, Horseshoe Bend. We were two weeks away from the wedding when it was cancelled. We were both super upset but also understood the bigger picture of what was going on.

Intimate Horseshoe Bend Elopement: India + Jay | Green Wedding Shoes

The thing is we just really wanted to get married. Fast forward to July 26th, 2020 we had a backyard wedding wedding in Saskatoon. Yes we could have waited until it was safe to travel again but decided we decided instead of waiting we would go back with our wedding party and still experience this magical place! We are saving our first dance to at the beautiful place! (Cannot wait!)

Even though our wedding was not what we had imagined or planned for, it was still just such an unreal day!! The love we share and the fact that we get to spend our lives together is the most important thing. And being able to spend the day with our families + close friend, that was pretty darn special regardless of where it was or being affected by the pandemic!?

Here was our set up in our backyard! (We did a brunch with friends and then dinner with family. It was so great!!)

Photo taken by the lovely Danielle at Danielle Stasiuk Photography! 

Just a lil side note for all the romantics out there ... The amount of love, joy, and gratitude that I felt that day was beyond anything I could have imagined. I am a romantic at heart and always have these 'ideas' and expectations on how things should be or how I should feel (I blame the movies lol, and I am sure those who know me best are laughing right now) and clearly the wedding day we had was not at all what we wanted... BUT that day, it was better than anything I could have hoped for!

(I really wish that for you! So I ask you to keep an open mind and an open heart and your wedding day will be just so perfect!? I even had a bride come into the studio today to drop off her wedding flowers to be preserved into a shadow box. We chatted about this exact thing. We both got a lil teary eyed as we chatted about how perfect our days were even though it was not what we planned. That is pretty awesome I think!!)

Cheers to all you planning your wedding during a pandemic! You go this!!

-Michelle xo