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Wedding Season in Full Swing

We are in the full swing of wedding season at Michelle's Flowers!! Saskatoon brides, how are we so lucky to be a part of so many really lovely weddings?!!

This weekend we got to design for 8 different weddings from Friday to Sunday. We were busy lil bees in studio this week.
I was joking with Katie on Friday that it blows my mind that we can get through designing 8 weddings and be done work by 6pm on Friday night but sometimes when we have two weddings we are working until 10pm on a Friday night. How does that even happen? lol

It was so nice to be all together for a busy weekend, just like old times before the pandemic hit.
I cannot thank the Michelle's Flowers team enough for all hands on deck. It was a tough end of week for me as my husband and I had to put one of our fur babies down on Friday in the mix of a very busy work week. Just such an ah-mazing group of supportive and really lovely women I get to work with. So blessed!

Cheers to another really busy week ahead! Follow along on instagram as we have another busy week of designing for some really lovely brides here in Saskatoon! 

Happy Monday!

Michelle xo


This photo was taken by the team at MJ & CO .... super talented group over there, they are a must to check out for your wedding and other photo needs ... as well as video!!