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Finding your Go To Florist

We recently received a really lovely email from a recipient that received a mix of flowers that we delivered. Notes like these really make what we do take meaning! 

"Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful arrangement sent on October 28th. (My daughter had ordered this from Hong Kong). It's really the best flower arrangement I've ever received. The flowers were so fresh, and the roses stayed that way for about 9 days. I faithfully changed the water with distilled water. And today, Nov. 14th, the daisies and hyacinths? are still holding their own. You all obviously care about the freshness of your product. Thank you again."

-Madelaine F.

It got me thinking a bit. Finding a florist that you trust will do a good job for you can be tough when you are ordering from a far. (I know, I have send flowers to family and friends that live away and to be honest I have only been happy one time out of the many times I have sent flowers) I can honestly say that I would love for Michelle's Flowers to be that florist! With the Holidays approaching and the pandemic limiting us with our travel + people we can spend time with, having contact free delivery of flowers in Saskatoon is a great way to show you care. 

I know there are so many factors that go into flowers and choosing the right florist!!
-proper hydration
-proper processing
 customer service

(just to name a few)

So I thought about it a bit and wondered ... are we the right florist for you (everyone)?!

I would like to think that YES we are and want to serve everyone but honestly we are not the best match for everyone! And I say this proudly and with confidence. Saskatoon actually has a lot of really lovely designers and flower shops in town! And of course I am proud to classify myself as one of those really lovely shops. But we are different than most florists in Saskatoon, Martensville, and Warman in that we are boutique style florist. We do not offer specific floral arrangements with specific floral types unless it is something that is pre ordered. We design based on the season and what flowers are looking the most gorgeous that have a quality life span at the time an order is placed. 

Is this style of purchasing for everyone? No. And that is ok! Some people need to see what they are ordering and knowing exactly what is being sent out and there is nothing wrong with that. But that is not how Michelle's Flowers works or designs. We did for years but it became too much to try and stock every single flower on the website, to have to call every customer when something was missing or not great quality, or to have to fill orders from a third party website of wire service (that are not even florists). Switching to a boutique style floral studio where the designer chooses what to make based on colour scheme and general style has been such a great move for us. Designing in that fashion is so much more fun and so much more enjoyable for the staff. When we get to pick quality vs specific flowers it make a world of difference in the longevity of the flowers and the general presentation of what the recipient will receive!

So with all that being said, We would love to be your go to florist in Saskatoon but if we are not and you need help choosing one that will work for you, do give us a buzz!! I would be happy to help with recommendations as flowers are such a lovely thing to enjoy and everyone should be treated with them!! 

Cheers friends!

-Michelle xo