Designer's Choice - bright + beautiful arranged by a florist in Saskatoon, SK : Michelle's Flowers
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Designer's Choice - bright + beautiful

Designer\'s Choice - bright + beautiful
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Michelle's Flowers | Artfully designed locally in Saskatoon

Bright + Beautiful

In choosing a designer's choice arrangement, you are choosing to let Michelle + team pick the most lovely mix of flowers that are in season and looking their finest. Your arrangement will consist of a trendy + fun array of high quality fresh flowers and mixed with different types of greenery + accents artfully design with love, attention, and care.

Being able to select the flowers + foliage for your bouquet rather than having a specific floral recipe allows us to create the ultimate mix of seasonal fresh flowers. Quality + creative freedom allows us to create those Michelle's Flowers bouquets + arrangements we are know for!

The pictures shown are not exact examples of the bouquet that we will be delivered out for you! While at Michelle's Flowers we don’t guarantee what the flower varieties or colors that will be in your bouquet (unless specifically pre ordered), but we do guarantee that your arrangement will be fresh, oh so beautiful, and that your recipient will love it!


*The standard arrangement is the perfect way to let someone know you care. A quick 'heyyy, hope you feel better soon', 'Sorry you had a bad day' or even just a sweet 'I miss you'.

*The deluxe arrangement is a step up in size and stem counts ... not too small and not too big... just right.

*The premium arrangement is the show stopper of the three bouquets. This is the one you pick when you want to wow & spoil someone (or if you are in the dog house, just saying).