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3 Month - 3 type Eucalyptus Mix

Item # Eucbunch01
3 Month - 3 type Eucalyptus Mix

3 Month Subscription- 3 type Eucalyptus Mix

Enjoy the freshness, beauty, and smell of eucalyptus bunches in your home every month!! (um, yes please!!)
At the beginning of every month, Michelle's Flowers in Saskatoon will delivery a new bunch of eucalyptus for you to enjoy. You can choose from a mix or a solid bunch of one type. Keep in a single vase or spread it out through a few vases for different rooms in the house.

You eucalyptus choices are:
-baby eucalyptus
-silver dollar eucalyptus
-seeded eucalyptus 
-parvofolia eucalyptus
-mix of three types
-surprise me

Fresh cut eucalyptus has been shown in research, to be a natural decongestant and deodorizer aside from being absolutely gorgeous and fragrant! Walking into your home to smell that beautiful scent while holding onto all those benefits of having it in your home, win win!

In the 'Comment' section please choose the choice of eucalyptus, the mix or surprise me. Keep in mind the date you choose for your initial delivery will be repeated the following months (Monday through Friday). Please indicate if you prefer a different date.

We truly love the mixes of eucalyptus at Michelle's Flowers and know you will love them too!




*there are additional delivery charges anywhere out of city limits which will be adjusted after purchase on your credit card. Michelle will call to confirm (Martensville has a delivery charge of $20, Warman $25)
*the free delivery code does not apply to subscriptions
*Please call ahead to 3066513444 with any questions