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Hair, Makeup, and the Dress | Saskatoon

bride holding flowers on her wedding day in Saskatoon
Photo by Bella Vita Photography

Hey there, future brides! Let's talk about a crucial aspect of your wedding – your dream glam squad. Today in our '8 Week Wedding Series' we will go over Hair, Makeup, and the dress.

Finding the perfect hair stylist, makeup artist, and dress is like curating your own personal team of rockstars. No fairytales here, just a modern, down-to-earth guide to help you nail that wedding day look.

First things firsts, let's talk about snagging that dream dress.

It's not a fairytale quest; look at it like it's a shopping adventure. Figure out your style – whether you're into minimalist chic, vintage vibes, or modern elegance. Saskatoon's got a bunch of bridal boutiques, each with its own vibe. A few wedding dress shops in Saskatoon that are a must see are WBridals, Exquisite Bridal and Fashion, and Unveiled Dress Co.!

Your dress should shout 'you' and vibe with the overall wedding vibe. Be open to trying different styles, and don't shy away from seeking advice from your fashion-forward pals or the savvy staff at the bridal stores. You may be pleasantly surprised that the dress you had in mind is not the dress you actually pick!! Mostly, just keep an open mind!

From Kimberly from Wbrials is sharing her expertise:

When a bride in Saskatoon is shopping around for a wedding dress, one should consider the number of shops they are planning to go to, who they bring with them and the caliber/quality of the shops. Quality over quantity applies in a lot of areas of life with wedding dress shopping included! Vet your shops, I am always a fan of reaching out via email before I work with any company to see the level of customer service I get in a reply; I find it is an excellent gauge for the depth of detail, care, attention and knowledge a person has about the business they work for and the industry they are in. If you’re only getting a short sentence with no forward thinking about the topic in question you are likely to get similar results when it comes to your shopping experience and purchase, with a wedding dress purchase being in advance of your big day, you need a shop that is going to help you by answering questions you don’t know you need to ask!


Who you bring! As a bride, do everything in your power to bring only people who can validate you and how you feel rather than seeking to validate themselves through your dress shopping experience, regardless of your relationship to them; which is something we see more often that we’d hope to. If you can hear any one of your potential guests saying “I don’t like it, personally, but it’s your dress so…” then consider they may not be joining you with the right intentions. Brides can find wedding dress shopping a deeply personal experience, like bathing suit shopping with an audience… so make sure your people can recognize the vulnerability it takes to stand on that pedestal and ask to be judged.


Advice for a bride who is picking out a wedding dress, collaboration! Your stylist has a lot of experience with the physical dresses on different body types, hair colours and heights, utilize that!!! Have your vision or preferences, just don’t limit yourself to just what you see yourself in before you get to the store! If your first round of stores didn’t yield a purchase, reflect on which stylist you worked with that you think could find that dress for you and book at that shop again. If you’re struggling to make a decision or “don’t know how you will ever choose” focus less on the decision of picking a dress and more on the choice of shop and stylist that can guide you, educate you and, build confidence in the small decisions that come before the big decision of saying “Yes!”.

Choosing Your Hair Stylist in Saskatoon:

Your hair is your crown, and finding the right stylist is key. Start by checking out local hairstylists known for their versatile and modern skills. Do the whole shebang – look at their work, read reviews, and set up chats to talk about your vision. Whether you're dreaming of a sleek updo, beachy waves, or something wild, communication is the name of the game. Your stylist should not only get your style but also bring their A-game to make you the star of your big day.

Rachel says:

When deciding on a hairstylist for the big day, a bride should consider choosing someone who specializes in wedding hairstyles and has experience working with different hair types and lengths. Seeing a portfolio of previous hairstyles will help them visually see that the stylist can deliver the style they're looking for. A hairstylist who makes you feel comfortable and listens to your ideas with great communication also ensures they will be able to achieve your dream wedding hair! 

We have some bonus tips for you from Rachel from Free Bird Hair and Design (one of Saskatoon's best!!)

My top tips for a bride preparing for their wedding hair is to start early! Begin planning and researching well in advance to allow time for consultations, trials and adjustments. Some stylists are booking about a year in advance, it's better to inquire early to ensure your date is secured. Following a healthy hair care routine leading up to the wedding, including regular trims, conditioning treatments, and avoiding excessive heat styling is also a great idea! Coordinating with your hairstylist is a good idea when creating a wedding timeline, this allows enough time for hair styling, touch ups, and any unexpected delays. Most importantly, enjoy the process and savor the special moments leading up to your big day, when you choose your dream stylist you can relax knowing they'll create the perfect hairstyle for you on the big day! 

Choosing your Makeup Artist in Saskatoon:

Enter the makeup artist—a true magician in the world of glam. Seek artists with a portfolio that resonates with your aesthetic. Brides often lean towards a fresh, natural look, but the beauty lies in personal preference. Schedule a trial run to experiment with different looks and ensure your chosen artist can bring your vision to life. Consider factors like longevity, as you'll want your makeup to withstand the joyous tears, laughter, and endless photo sessions on your big day.

Kaylee says:

Saskatoon has so many talented professional makeup artists! When considering who is the best fit for your big day, it’s important to select one with an artistry style that aligns with your vision. Some people prefer a more dramatic, full-face, while others want a more natural-glam, glowy bridal look. Look at the artist’s portfolio, reviews, and experience in the industry to help you decide who is best for you. 

And some bonus tips from one of Saskatoon's most talented Makeup Artists:

There are a few important tips I recommend all people do to prepare for their big day:

1. Trial - do a trial with your makeup artist well in advance to ensure you’re both on the same page with your vision. Even if you feel most confident with them, it’s so important to see how the products will last on your skin all day. You’d be surprised at how many people think they know the look they want, and then end up changing it after they try it. Just like wedding dresses! Doing a trial will allow for enough time ahead of the wedding day to make any adjustments to your makeup plan.

2. Take good care of your skin, but refrain from trying any new products or treatments too close to the wedding day, in case you react. I recommend facial treatments be done a month in advance, if not months prior. 

3. If you are considering lash extensions, get a few sets in the months leading up to the wedding. This way, you can see if you’ll react to the adhesive far enough in advance, as well as try a few different styles. Your makeup artist will be able to provide strip lashes for your wedding day if lash extensions are not ideal for you. 

4. Waxing - I highly recommend any necessary facial waxing to be done a week or more in advance to the wedding. Makeup can cake onto hair on your face, so for the most natural application, it’s important to remove any unwanted facial hair. A simple brow clean up and upper lip wax can make all the difference when achieving that healthy glow!

5. Make a hair and makeup schedule for your wedding day. Talk to your makeup artist and hair stylist in advance to get a rough time frame for each person to help you plan, and then communicate the timeline with your wedding party so they know the order. This ensures you won’t end up with the same person needing both hair and makeup at the end, which can put you behind schedule! The times don’t have to be set in stone as they are dependent on length of hair, style, etc., but just showing the order can be so helpful in making sure the morning is seamless and relaxed. 

Now, the magic happens when you bring your glam squad together. Share your overall vision and any specific elements you want to highlight. Bridal beauty is all about celebrating your uniqueness, so don't be afraid to infuse your personality into every aspect of your look.

In the end, assembling your glam squad is not just about looking absolutely stunning but feeling absolutely stunning and confidently yourself on your wedding day. Approach the process with a blend of excitement and practicality, and you'll unveil a look that truly captures the essence of YOU.

Cheers to your glam squad journey!

Michelle's Flowers + Team

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