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Wedding Videography in Saskatoon

Lights, Camera, Love: Choosing the Perfect Wedding Videographer in Saskatoon, SK!

By now, you're knee-deep in wedding planning, and you've got your eyes set on preserving every bit of that magic day. The unsung hero in this tale? The videographer. In a world where memories can slip away, videos stand the test of time. Choosing the right person to capture your special day is A BIG DEAL. Let's break down the essentials for picking a wedding videographer in Saskatoon, why their skills matter, and a few tips to make your wedding video stand out.

Today in the 8 Week Blog Series we have some of Saskatoon’s Best sharing their expertise on the topic of wedding videography in Saskatoon!! Thank you Love Laura Videos, MJ&co, Makoi Belen Photography!

Saskatoon Selectivity: What to Consider When Booking a Videographer

Style: Begin by exploring a videographer's previous work. Does their style align with what you imagine or are drawn to for the wedding video? Whether it leans towards classic or contemporary, finding someone whose approach matches with your style, it is so important.

Real Reviews, Real Insights:

Take a moment to read reviews from other couples who have enlisted the services of your shortlisted potential videographers. This offers a glimpse into their track record. Generally you can find reviews on a business's website as well as on google.

Compatibility Check:

Your wedding day is a collaboration. Ensure you connect well with the videographer personally. It is an important detail for the enjoyment of your wedding day! A comfortable and communicative relationship contributes to a much more smoother filming process and a more genuine representation of your special day.

Shopping for a wedding videographer comes with homework — and by homework, I mean intense stalking. Go beyond the short clips posted on social media, watch videographers' full films and watch more than one. After watching a wedding video, do you have an understanding of who the couple is? Do you have a feel for what the day is like? Did you feel like you were there? If the answer is no to those questions, keep stalking ... er, I mean shopping, until you feel connected to a film. “ - Love Laura

To check out Laura and her work click HERE

Logo of Love Laura Video
Saskatoon Videography | Love Laura Video

The Reel Deal: Why a Skilled Videographer is Wedding Royalty

Moments in Motion: Photos capture beautiful still frames, but video brings your wedding day to life. SKILLED videographers in Saskatoon curate a cinematic experience that turns your wedding into a personal blockbuster. From the tears during your vows to the laughter on the dance floor, a skilled videographer is a true storyteller of your love and your wedding day. Wedding videography in Saskatoon has a wide range of videographers to choose from, making sure they are creditable, can story tell, and work the camera/edit properly are all important factors to consider.

Professionalism is a Must: Your wedding day is not the time for rookie mistakes. A skilled videographer is a pro in handling all scenarios, from sudden rain showers, terrible lighting to impromptu dance-offs. They seamlessly navigate the chaos, ensuring that every moment, planned or spontaneous, is expertly captured.

Editing Magic: Sure, Uncle Bob might have a camera, but can he edit? Skilled videographers in Saskatoon don't just stop at shooting – they work their post-production magic to create a final product that makes you go, "Wow, is that really us?" 

“The biggest difference between your uncle holding an iPhone and a professional capturing your day is the creative approach. A friend or family member will capture it as is from one angle. A filmmaker will use all their resources and skills to create a beautiful record of what it was like to be there. Multiple angles to catch a tear rolling down your dad’s cheek, hidden microphones to capture the sweet words that make you smile.” - MJ&co

To check out MJ&co and their work click HERE

Tips to Enhance your Wedding Video from the Pros

Mark from Mark Belen Photography made a quick list of something key points:

1. Plan your timeline: Coordinate with your videographer to ensure important moments are captured, such as getting ready, the ceremony, and key reception events. Having a well-planned timeline ensures no crucial moments are missed.

2. Capture candid moments: Encourage your videographer to capture candid interactions between you, your partner, and your guests. These genuine moments often make for the most heartfelt and memorable footage.

3. Utilize drone footage: Consider incorporating drone footage for breathtaking aerial views of your venue and surroundings. Drone shots can add a cinematic quality to your wedding video and provide unique perspectives.

4. Write letters or vows to each other: Consider writing letters or personalized vows to each other to be read or exchanged on the wedding day. Including these heartfelt messages in your video adds a personal and emotional touch.

5. Include meaningful details: Incorporate meaningful details into your wedding day, such as heirlooms, special decorations, or cultural elements. These details help tell your unique story and add depth to your wedding video.” -Mark Belen Photography

Laura from Love Laura Videos suggests:

Video is the ultimate wedding keepsake. How cool is it that you can be taken back in time and relive your day? If you want to get the most out of your wedding videographer, ignore them. Yes, I'm serious. Ignore the camera! Just enjoy your wedding day, laugh with your people  your videographer will do the rest ... oh, also, champagne! Pop champagne! That always makes for a cool video!

Matt from MJ&Co shares:

"What makes a wedding film shine is when there is a lot of heart. Couples who write personalized vows or letters to one another can be captured and used to make films meaningful. It’s actually our favourite part of a couple's day. Hearing the words and love being shared. Our favourite part about wedding films, is that we get to capture it for you to remember forever."

To check out Mark Belen Photography click HERE

I can't emphasize enough, finding the perfect wedding videographer in Saskatoon is like finding the missing puzzle piece to complete your wedding day masterpiece. With a skilled videographer, your wedding video won't just be a record; it will be a work of art that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

(Side note, how many times is too many times to watch your own wedding video?!)

Wishing you lovebird all the best in your hunt for your videographer!

Michelle's Flowers + team

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