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Wedding Photography In Saskatoon | How to Choose

Updated: Feb 1

I think it goes without saying that finding the right wedding photographer is crucial. (Could possibly be the most important wedding vendor choice, in my opinion!) Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, having it captured by a professional that matches your vibe is so so important. We are very blessed with so much talent when it comes to Wedding Photography In Saskatoon!! So many AH-mazing photographers to choose from!

Saskatoon is full of talented photographers. And we are super lucky to have a few of them sharing their expertise with you today! We have Kristen from Bella Vita Photography, Lauren from Lauren Winter Photography, Madison from Madison Marie Photography, and Danielle from Danielle Stasiuk Photography.

I am just going to put this out there, without prejudice … Nowadays, everyone is a photographer! And it may be hard to decide who to book because everyone with a camera considers themselves a photographer. Even uncle Joe who just bought a brand new fancy camera is a photographer!! Why not just get him to take some photos?! 

Well, love birds, let’s break it down and focus on some VERY important 'things' to do and consider that will help you choose a Wedding Photographer in Saskatoon, sans the fluff.

Define Your Wedding Style

What do you imagine for your special day?! Are you envisioning a classic and elegant affair or a more relaxed and candid celebration? 

"There are so many considerations when booking a photographer. First of all, photographers have many different styles - some are light and airy, some are moody, some are timeless and elegant, and you need to make sure you hire a photographer's style that you are drawn to!" - Bella Vita Photography

Before diving into the search of a wedding photographer, pinpoint your wedding style. Wedding Photography In Saskatoon offers a wide range of styles, so knowing what you prefer will help guide your selection. 

Scour the Scene | Wedding Photography In Saskatoon

The Wedding Photography In Saskatoon and it's creative community is a goldmine. Now where do you find them all?! A good place to start looking is on the ole google! Instagram too, search hashtags as well. The joy of today’s technology, your dream wedding photographer might just be a local click away.

"When looking for a wedding photographer, there are multiple things to consider. The first one might seem obvious but it’s simple - always read Google reviews! What a photographer’s previous clients have to say about how they are to work with should give you an excellent insight into their personality, work ethic and overall client experience.

When looking at style, consider a look that isn’t just recently trending but will stand the test of time. I’ve been a photographer long enough now to notice that, like anything, what might look cool & edgy today likely won’t in 5 or 10 years. Look for someone who has a timeless but clean style. - Lauren Winter Photography

Another place to look is by attending local bridal shows. (There is one coming up called SK Modern Wedding Summit on March 10th, 2024) You might just stumble upon a photographer whose work aligns perfectly with your vision.

Dive into Portfolios

Once you've gathered a list of potential photographers, dive into their portfolios. It's like window shopping for your future memories! Ask to see a full wedding, not just the highlights of all their best work. 

Pay attention to the variety of their work, their ability to capture emotions, and the consistency in their style. Do photos look natural or staged and robotic? Is their lighting and editing style consistent? A photographer's portfolio is their visual resume, and Saskatoon photographers take immense pride in showcasing their skills.

"Having a skilled photographer work with you on your wedding day is so important for a number of reasons. The first being, a skilled photographer has spent numerous hours mastering and refining their craft to deliver you with the images that you see in their portfolio. Not only do they understand how to create beautiful and crisp images but they have the experience of working in the wedding industry. Having a skilled, and experienced wedding photographer will help to put you at ease knowing that your memories are being captured which allows you to simply focus on being present and soaking in all of the moments of your day. Last but not least, your wedding day is a day that you'll remember and reminisce on for many years to come. That's why it's important to invest in someone who knows what they are doing and can share the story of your day through photographs, without leaving you to worry if they are capturing all of the details and key moments from the day. A skilled wedding photographer can also provide suggestions and guidance when needed." - Madison Marie Photography sums it up pretty perfectly!

And then Lauren also has a great suggestion to add, "I always encourage brides to request to see multiple full-day sample galleries - maybe even from the venue you’ve booked. That way you know exactly what you’re going to get as a final product and you can see how the photographer handles different types of lighting situations plus it’ll give you a little wedding inspiration along the way!" - Lauren Winter Photography

When some of Saskatoon's best have the same advice when it comes Wedding Photography In Saskatoon, I think it is clear we must listen!

Personality Matters

So you have found your Wedding Photography In Saskatoon and the wedding photographer of your dreams! Your wedding date is available, everything is lining up!! You need to keep in mind that your photographer will be spending your wedding day with you. You will want to make sure you click with them and they will add to the fun of your day! In my experience, I have heard many stories of photographers that have been a negative part of a couple's day due to their personality… no one wants to spend the day with a dud!! 

Arrange a casual coffee chat with your shortlisted photographers. Meeting face-to-face (either in person or over zoom) can really help you gauge the photographer's personality and see if there's a connection. After all, you want someone who not only captures moments but who also adds a sprinkle of joy to your day. 

"You must love a photographer's work, but you must also love the photographer, the person as well. You will be spending all day with this person on your wedding day. A day that will no doubt be a core memory. When you look back on your day their presence will weigh heavily in there. If you don't feel like your personalities mix then maybe they are not the best fit for your day. I recommend having an in-person coffee date with your potential photographer to talk about all things wedding. If the conversation flows effortlessly then it's a great match. If you find yourself uncomfortable in any way it's a great indicator that you should move on and look into another photographer." - Danielle Stasiuk Photography

Budget Wisely

Photography pricing in Saskatoon will vary. Don't be afraid to discuss costs openly.

Photography may be one of the high ticket items for your wedding but I promise you will not regret spending on a photographer you love! When you get your wedding collection back and you get to relive those precious moments over and over again with quality photos, you will be so happy you booked a photographer who you love!

One thing to remember is that a camera does not produce a good photo, a photographer does. So when considering costs, it is important to understand this.

Photography is a craft, it is artistic and it is creative. There is talent behind that camera that produces those dreamy wedding collections. It is seeing a landscape and knowing how to photograph it. It is understanding how a camera works and how to work with it. It is how to work with light (or lack of it). It is being able to work under pressure and work with groups of people. There is time, education, and experience that goes along with that camera. It is having a skill set to tell a love story through photos. It truly is such a special talent!  

As we wrap up this blog post on Wedding Photography In Saskatoon and how to choose a Saskatoon wedding photographer, we have a lil bonus for you later this week ... coming for you is a blog post where Bella Vita Photography, Madison Marie Photography, Lauren Winter Photography and Danielle Stasiuk Photography give some helpful tips to couples who are feeling nervous about being in front of the camera!

Happy snapping and may your collection of wedding photos be as beautiful as the sunset over the South Saskatchewan!! (did I mention sunset photos are a must?!)

-Michelle's Flowers + Team

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