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8 Week Blog Series | Saskatoon Weddings

Hey Saskatoon Brides,

First things first, major congrats on that new bling, what an exciting time! 🎉

We hope your holiday season was as magical as your engagement. Now, buckle up because Michelle's Flowers is about to become your wedding planning BFF here in Saskatoon with an 8-week blog series that will help you figure out where to start in your wedding planning, what to pay attention to, and give you tips and tricks on planning an epic wedding day. BONUS, You will hear from a variety of Saskatoon's best in the wedding industry!

Check back every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks for all things wedding!!

Here is a lil preview:

Week 1: So You're Engaged, Now What?

Okay, seriously, let's soak in the "just said yes" vibes. We've got tips on creating a mood board (Pinterest anyone?), and let's chat where to start without stressing you out. It's all about riding that engagement high!

Week 2: Diving into Wedding Planning

This week, we're talking about getting down to business. Picking a date, finding the dream venue – we've got your back. No fancy jargon, just plain talk on what you need to kick off this party.

Week 3: Building Your A-Team

Time to assemble your wedding A Team! We'll spill the beans on choosing the right vendors – the photographer who'll catch those candid moments, the caterer who'll serve up magic, and, of course, us – the floral fairy godmothers at Michelle's Flowers (as well as some other !

Week 4-8: Meet the Local Legends

Hang on tight because we're bringing in some of Saskatoon's best in the wedding scene! From dress masters to cake connoisseurs, each week you'll get the lowdown from local legends. It's like getting backstage passes to the ultimate wedding planning gig!

We get it – wedding planning can be overwhelming, but we're here to keep it real, fun, and stress-free. Michelle's Flowers is all about connecting you with the best in the biz and turning your wedding dreams into a reality.

So, pop some bubbly, bookmark our blog, and get ready for all the best tips, ah-mazing vendor recommendations, and important deets you need to know when planning a wedding in Saskatoon!

Cheers to YOU and planning the most epic day ever!

The team at Michelle's Flowers

P.s that beautiful photo at the top is taken by the lovely Chelsea Klette

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