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Bye bye 2023!

Shout out Saskatoon and our amazing clients of 2023, now time to say bye bye 2023, it's been a blast!

Side note: who else is always blown away when a year goes by?! Where does the time go?!

This year was so special in so many ways! On both the business side and the personal side.

Being pregnant, having a baby, and working+running a flower studio is definitely a challenge!! Sometimes it feels like a piece of cake, other times it feels so messy! But all in all it has been positive. It has really changed my outlook on work, life, and the future of Michelle's Flowers in Saskatoon!

One key thing that will change is we will not be returning to every day flowers and doing flower deliveries on a daily basis ( at least not for a while, maybe not ever, only time can tell) We will still be doing the floral holidays, delivering flowers in Saskatoon and surrounding areas such a Martensville and Warman) but on the lighter side. Because if I am honest, I miss designing every day and the holidays (especially Christmas) are just so fun to design for!

Wedding Flowers will remain the same at Michelle's Flowers, just on the lighter side of things. I will not be booking as many as we are used to until the little guy is older. How can we not at least do some of Saskatoon's most lovely bride's wedding flowers?!

This year I feel so very blessed to have had the brides we did, just a solid line up of really kind, fun, and caring gals.

Obviously welcoming a baby into the world in May as we kicked off wedding season was not an ideal time but my May and June brides really could not have been more lovely. (We also have a great team at Michelle's and they really helped kept things on tract so everything ran smoothly for our weddings)

So all in all, 2023 was just a really great year!!

Grateful, blessed, and excited to see what 2024 holds!


Michelle + Team

P.s A big thank you to all of our amazing customers, brides, and followers ... we were so happy to serve you and your floral needs this year!

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