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Choosing a Saskatoon Wedding Venue!

Updated: Jan 22

Hey there lovebirds! 

So, you've decided to tie the knot in Saskatoon, the ‘Paris’ of the Prairies. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part – choosing THE perfect wedding venue. 

With all of the stunning options in our picturesque city (and surrounding area), we're here to help guide you through the process and help you figure out how to pick the venue that screams "YOU!" We will also list out some of our personal favourite venues that we have had the pleasure of designing in!

Today in the blog we have the lovely Rebecca from the Barn at Wind’s Edge helping with some advice on how to choose a venue for your special day! 

I first asked Rebecca what factors need to be considered when booking a venue for your wedding, she said "Choosing the venue for your wedding is often one of the of the first decisions you’ll make, and it sets the overall tone and atmosphere for your Happy Day! It is important to have a clear understanding of what services and amenities are included with your venue rental. When selecting your dream venue, make sure it fits with your wedding style, the type of ceremony and meal service your desire, the number of guests you plan to invite and your budget. If you have your heart set on a specific date, it is important to book early. High season weddings are often booked 18 months to a year out."

Side note, isn't The Barn just so stunning?!!

(Photo credit - Mason Neufeld Photography at the Barn)

Ok, let's dive into wedding venues with the basics!

Location, Location, Location:

(photo: Makoi Belen Photography | Location: The Barn | Florals - Michelle's Flowers)

Where in Saskatoon do you see yourself celebrating your wedding? Whether you're dreaming of a downtown chic vibe, a riverside romance, or a countryside affair, Saskatoon has it all. Consider your style and the vibe you want for your big day. Now onto the guest list...

Guest List Galore:

(Photo credit - Mason Neufeld Photography at The Barn)

Are you inviting your entire extended family, or is it going to be an intimate gathering with just your closest family and friends? Make a rough guest list before you start scouting venues. Knowing your numbers will help you find a space that's just right!

There are many Intimate wedding venues in Saskatoon, many large wedding venues in Saskatoon, and many other lovely wedding spaces for you to choose from! Have fun looking for what works best for you and suits your guest list! You’ll see below in the blog post some of our favourite spaces we have designed in!!

Budget Bonanza:

(Photo credit - Mason Neufeld Photography at the Barn)

Ah, the dreaded B-word. We get it; no one likes to talk about budgets, but it's a necessary thing. Determine how much you're willing to spend on your venue and stick to it. Now that you have a guest list you can start looking for the perfect place. Saskatoon has options for every budget, from lavish ballrooms to cozy barns – you just need to find the one that will work for you and your budget.

One BIG thing to consider when choosing a wedding venue in Saskatoon when it comes to your wedding budget is what the space or venue has to offer within its rental package and services. Something like a full service venue vs a church hall. Ask yourself, how much more money will I need to spend to make this space work for my wedding. Will I need to hire people to serve dinner, run the bar, or decorate the space? Is the cost comparable to a full service venue? Is the extra amount of work and stress added worth the cost saving? (Just a few things to think about).

Rebecca from the barn shares some advice, “Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life! In order to ensure you and your guest thoroughly enjoy your Happy Day, select a venue that will make it as seamless for you as possible. Choosing a venue that specializes in weddings and offers a wide range of services and amenities will allow you to focus your energy on your partner and your guests and thoroughly enjoy your wedding!”

Seasonal Soiree:

(Photo credit - mj&co | Location: at a park in Saskatoon | Florals - Michelle's Flowers)

Consider the time of year you'll be saying "I do." Saskatoon experiences all four seasons in all their glory. Picture a winter wonderland wedding (just maybe not the cold we have had this last week!!), a spring garden ceremony, or a summer soirée by the river. Match your venue with the season, your vibe and you'll have a match made in wedding heaven.

(Also, check to see if there are any off season pricing that may help get you get a better cost if you choose to have a wedding outside of the popular months of May through October)


(Photo credit - Danielle Stasiuk Photography  | Location: A back yard wedding | Florals - Michelle's Flowers)

Don't forget to check about any restrictions a venue or space may have! A few things that come to mind are food, alcohol, and candles. Also if there are any restrictions on the vendors you can bring in. Some venues may have preferred vendors or in-house services. Knowing this ahead of time will save you from any last-minute surprises.

Insta-Worthy Spaces:

(Photo credit - Erica Deidre Photography | Location: The Glen | Florals - Michelle's Flowers)

Trying to picture what a venue could look like for your special day? Hit up instagram to check out a venue’s account as they would have the space and photos featured from past weddings. Also check out hashtags! 

And now for some of our favourite spaces for a wedding in Saskatoon:

And lastly your own back yard!

Now go ahead, explore the options, and let Saskatoon be the backdrop to your happily ever after, it will not disappoint! Happy venue hunting, lovebirds! 💕

Wishing you a lovely day!

Michelle + Team

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