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Christmas Greenery Sale

Saskatoon, get your Christmas Greens ON SALE!

(5 days only, until December 13th)

What is all on sale:

The types of evergreens are:

-Cedar $12 a bunch

-Douglas Fir $12 a bunch

-Silver Fir $12 a bunch

-Carolina Sapphire $16 a bunch

*sorry no pine, allergies over here!

The other types of greenery are:

-Silver Dollar Eucalyptus $18 a bunch

-Seeded Eucalyptus $18 a bunch

-Baby Eucalyptus $18 a bunch

-Gunni Eucalyptus $18 a bunch

**Bunches come in by weight but generally have 5 stems, with many breaks per stems

Why so cheap you may ask?! Well...

it’s my birthday today! (Happy Birthday to MEEEE!) I am being treated all day with some of my favorite things by my sweet husband while we are in Mexico so I thought I would extend the treats back home!!

And since one of my very favorite things about the month of December is enjoying the smell of fresh evergreens and eucalyptus, I thought let’s have a lil sale!

Perfect for decorating your home, creating garlands or wreaths, using as accents for Christmas wrapping, and simply just having some cut in a vase on the counter is just such a nice festive touch!

Head over to the website to put your order in. The items will  be available for pick up on Dec 17th through December 23rd.

Side note: There will be no delivery on December 17th and any pick ups on December 23rd must be before 2pm

Use the code GREEN12 to remove the delivery charge.

** Removal of the delivery code is for pick ups ONLY, if you need delivery please do not use the code, you will still need to be charged for delivery and it will just created extra work on both ends with a follow up phone call from us to get your credit card number to process a delivery charge.

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