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How to pick your Wedding Vendor Dream Team

Hey Saskatoon Newlyweds!

Week 3 is here of our wedding planning extravaganza, and we’re diving into assembling your very own dream team that'll make your big day feel like it is straight out of a fairy-tail.

(photo credit - Chelsea Klette | Location - Remai | Michelle's Flowers Crew)

We’re spilling the beans today on how to pick the right Saskatoon vendors who'll turn your wedding dreams into reality. We have 7 tips/suggestions to help you along in choosing your Dream Team for your wedding day. If you are new to the wedding scene in Saskatoon, you may not know this but Saskatoon is full of talented wedding vendors! (Like jam packed) So that is great news for you! But how do you narrow down who to pick for your special day??! Don't worry we have you covered!

  1. Do a little research! Make lists of your favourite vendors. Google is a great place to start browsing at local businesses in Saskatoon. 

  2. Check out their websites, portfolios/galleries, reviews

  3. Hit up social media accounts to see vendors work and get a general vibe for what the individual or business is like

  4. Inquire with your fave wedding vendors! Get a feel of the interaction between yourself and the vendors. Are they professional, pleasant, knowledgeable, and organized?  (remember these are people that you will be working with to create the most special day and you should feel excited to have them be a part of it)

Tyra from Something Borrowed has shared a great strategy for you, “​​Saskatoon (and area) have so many fabulous and talented wedding vendors to choose from as well as many up-and-coming ones. I suggest starting by creating a list of vendors (photog, florals, etc.) that are important to include in your day. From there, add 3 names or companies under each category that you could see yourself hiring. Inquire to at least 2 of the 3 vendors so you can compare prices, packages and overall see if you connect to determine the best fit for your wedding. Once you inquire, secure your vendors soon after to ensure your date is reserved.”

And then here are a few more tips to start securing your A TEAM!!

5. Go with your gut. Your gut always knows. Always.  So if you are wavering in any decision when you are picking your dream team, just go with your gut. And if you are not sure if you should book a certain vendor, that is your gut telling you to look elsewhere. 

6. Don’t pick your vendors based off price alone. If you really love a wedding vendor and the price is out of your budget, try and see if you can pull money from other areas of the wedding that are not as important to you. I can assure you, you will not regret it. And if you cannot fit your fave vendor into your wedding budget ask them for recommendations, maybe they will know someone that is similar in style.

7. Ask your wedding vendors for recommendations. Your fave wedding vendors are your fave for a reason! They work weddings weekend after weekend and they will know the best people for you to work with. As well, they have gotten to know you, see your personality and vision for your special day, and they will be able to match you up with other wedding vendors that will compliment you and vision.

Crystal from RSVP has some great advice for the newlyweds, “The biggest tip we can offer while planning a wedding is to be flexible and fun. Planning a wedding is exciting! There are plenty of mundane and stressful tasks in life, but this is not one of them. It will probably be the most money you have ever spent on one single day in your life, not to mention the emotional investment, and if you do not enjoy your day, then what was the point of it all? The wedding planning prior to the day will also become a part of your wedding memory, and if you are stressed and can’t wait for it to be over, then that will forever be what you associate your wedding day with.


Plan to be adaptable; life isn’t perfect and chances are your wedding won’t be flawless either. But, it will be beautiful because you chose the items you love and that is what matters most. Your wedding day will have meaning to you because you have chosen the food, music, and guests. You chose the experienced wedding professionals that shared your vision, and they will work as a team to achieve a seamless day and make your wedding dreams come true.”

There you have it love birds– some steps and tips to building your Saskatoon wedding dream team! 

Cheers to you, love, laughter, and assembling your wedding dream team!

-Michelle’s Flowers and Team

P.S Stay tuned for Week 4 where we dive into wedding photographers in Saskatoon!

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