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Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

Saskatoon BRIDES!!

Woo-hoo, you're officially in the club! Engaged and ready to tackle wedding planning like the champs you are. But …. where the heck do you start? 

Don't worry lovebirds, Michelle's Flowers has you covered!! Today in the 8 Week Blog Series we will discuss where to ACTUALLY start when beginning to plan a wedding and give a few tips as you start your wedding planning fun.

So, where does one even begin when planning a wedding?! Well, it is not hitting up Pinterest to find all the dreamy inspo pics, although that would be way more fun! It is ... drum roll please, starting by creating a wedding budget! Glamorous hey?!

We are lucky to have a couple local wedding planners from Saskatoon adding some insight into this blog post today and they both agree that starting with a budget is the best route! (Skip to tip # 2 below to see more details on this!)

So there you have it, start with sorting out the budget. Not a huge shocker! We’ll also provide you with 5 tips that will help make this planning journey smooth! (or smoother).

1. Celebration Station!!

First things first, tip number one!! Bask in the glory of your engagement. Don’t skip celebrating this time!! Pop that champagne, share the news with your fam and friends, and embrace the warm fuzzies. Whether it's a cozy night in or a wild party, make sure you savor this moment and revel in the joy. Try to carry this joy throughout your planning process!

2. Dream Big, Budget Smart!!

(photo: beautifully set up by RSVP)

Now that you're floating on cloud nine, let's talk numbers without the stress. 

One of the leading wedding planners in Saskatoon, Crystal from RSVP says “First of all, congratulations! Take a moment to take it all in and enjoy being engaged. Now make a budget, seriously, make a budget. The biggest deciding factor for every element of your wedding is going to depend on your budget. You need to know how much you have or want to spend before you can book anything.” 

100 percent in agreement. The first thing you need to do is work on your budget. Sit down and chat about your dream wedding. What's non-negotiable and what's flexible? Set a preliminary budget that feels right for both of you. No need to go full accountant mode just yet – we're keeping it light. But you need to know some general price ranges on what you can or want to spend on different aspects of your wedding!

Crystal also mentions, “Now that you have a budget, you can create a plan, and this includes your guest count, which is the next big decision. You need to know how many guests you wish to invite before you can decide on a venue that can accommodate them and you need a venue and a date before you can book any vendors. Reaching out to photographers, DJ’s, florists etc., means nothing until you can tell them a wedding date.”

The oh so lovely Tyra from Something Borrowed also shared her thoughts with us on where to start when wedding planning in Saskatoon, “After you have soaked in the moment and shared the news with your family & friends, it’s time for the planning to begin! It may feel overwhelming with so many options and decisions to make and you may want to start checking things off your list right away.

Before doing that, I would suggest you start ‘realistically’ dreaming by

creating a wedding mood board or list of the wedding you both want.

Discuss the season that you would prefer, the colours you are drawn to, the

environment you want to celebrate in, set your budget and then create your guest list.

After you have narrowed down you overall vision for your day, it’s time to make the

big decisions; choose a few potential dates, book your venue, then begin building

your dream team of vendors.

Before you get too far into things, determine if you want to hire a wedding planner.

Hiring a planning can help you create the wedding of your dreams, even if you aren’t

totally sure what that looks like yet!"

3. Set the Date, But Don’t Rush!

(photo: beautifully set by Something Borrowed, Photo taken by Farroh Wild Photography)

Choosing a date is like picking the flavor of your wedding cake – it matters! Consider the season, any sentimental dates, and, of course, practical factors. Now that you are engaged, there is no set time that a wedding needs to happen. Take your time, find a date that vibes with your vision, and flows with you and your partner! 

Mark it on the calendar and let the countdown begin!

4. If something isn’t lining up, don’t get discouraged!

(photo: beautifully set up by RSVP)

Like Tyra mentioned above, wedding planning may feel overwhelming with so many

options and decisions to make. And if something is not lining up, try to stay on the positive side. If one door closes, another opens! When it comes to booking the perfect venue, finding the dream dress, or securing the ‘A team’ of vendors, ‘things’ may come up and 'things' may not line up to what you imagine while planning but it is important to keep your chin up and move on to another option!

Crystal puts it perfectly, “The biggest tip we can offer while planning a wedding is to be flexible and fun. Planning a wedding is exciting! There are plenty of mundane and stressful tasks in life, but this is not one of them. It will probably be the most money you have ever spent on one single day in your life, not to mention the emotional investment, and if you do not enjoy your day, then what was the point of it all? The wedding planning prior to the day will also become a part of your wedding memory, and if you are stressed and can’t wait for it to be over, then that will forever be what you associate your wedding day with. 

Plan to be adaptable; life isn’t perfect and chances are your wedding won’t be flawless either. But, it will be beautiful because you chose the items you love and that is what matters most. Your wedding day will have meaning to you because you have chosen the food, music, and guests. You chose the experienced wedding professionals that shared your vision, and they will work as a team to achieve a seamless day and make your wedding dreams come true. Perfection? There is no such thing.” 

5. Get Tech-Savvy with Planning Apps

(photo: beautifully set by Something Borrowed)

Let's be real, we live in the age of smartphones and apps that make everything easier. 

There are tons of wedding planning apps out there that can help you stay organized, keep track of your budget, and even find inspiration. Download a couple, explore their features, and find the ones that click with your planning style. Or do it the old fashion way with a hard cover planner!! Even better, just hire a wedding coordinator, they will keep you organized!

Staying organized throughout your planning process will make life a million times EASIER!! 

Timelines, checklists, and more checklists will help to create a seamless wedding planning experience and a seamless wedding day!

There you have it – where to actually start when beginning to plan a wedding and a few extra tips to kick start you off on your wedding planning adventure. Remember, this is your love story, and there's no right or wrong way to do it. So, dive in, enjoy the ride, and let the wedding magic begin!

BIG thanks to Crystal and Tyra for giving some guidance from within the Saskatoon Wedding Industry. Check back soon as there will be a feature blog post highlighting each of these lovely ladies and they businesses!

Cheers to love, laughter, and the start of something amazing!

Happy Planning,

Michelle + Team

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