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Wedding Flowers in Saskatoon

Ceremony flowers for a wedding in a Saskatoon Park done by MIchelle's Flowers
photo by MJ&co | Florals by Michelle's Flowers

If you are planning a Saskatoon wedding and want the floral game strong, look no further!

(photo by MJ&co | Florals by Michelle's Flowers)

Navigating the floral scene can feel overwhelming! But don't sweat it, we are here to help set you on a path to the most dreamy wedding flowers and the best florist for YOU!

Florists in Saskatoon are plentiful. How do you know who to book?! Let's pause for a moment and take a few things into consideration. Paying attention to a few key elements when planning for wedding flowers will help you tremendously! Whether it be Aunt Debbie, a local florist, or the DIY route, there are some significant details to pay attention to.

We have a few of Saskatoon's best florists giving their expertise along with yours truly!

Shout out to Joanne at Twig and Bloom and Janine at Florence Floral Design.

Today in the '8 Week Blog Series: How to plan a Wedding in Saskatoon' we are going to focus on Style, Experience, and Cost. This should give you an understanding into the floral scene and lead you to finding the right florist for you, let’s dive in!

Topic 1: Style

Wedding ceremony flowers in Saskatoon designed by Florence Floral Design
Florals done by Florence Floral Design

Your wedding, your style. Whether you're into boho-chic or that pulled from the garden look, Saskatoon's florists got you. You will most definitely be able to find a florist BUT ... And yes there is a but when it comes to style! Can they design in that fashion?! One important piece of information to note is that not every florist will be able to design the look you are going for so it is very important to dive into their past work! Scroll through their Insta, swipe through their gallery on their website, and make sure their vibe matches yours. After all, your flowers should scream "you," not your grandma's wallpaper. When flowers are an important part of your day and decor, being able to design in certain styles is key.

"If you like their style then you will probably love your wedding flowers. What you see is what you get when looking at websites & social media.  If you want a light airy wedding and the florist you are looking to hire has pictures of dark moody flowers then perhaps that isn't the best fit." Joanne from Twig and Bloom

"Research and look for a designer whose style aligns with your floral vision.  Try to reach out to them a least a year in advance of your wedding date. Remember that every floral designer has a different understanding and knowledge of floral varieties and flower quantities required to achieve a desired impact and final design. When a client selects a florist they are also choosing that florist's unique interpretation of what will bring their vision to life." Janine from Florence Floral Design

Topic 2: Experience

Garden style flowers for a wedding designed by Twig and Bloom
Florals done by Twig and Bloom

Nobody wants a floral fiasco on their big day. Opt for a florist who’s been around the block (or aisle) and who knows their florals. Design is just one aspect of wedding flowers. How to properly process, hydrate, and store flowers is also essential. (Will Aunt Debbie know what to do when the most beautiful bunch of ranunculus arrives but keep flopping over?) Check out reviews, stalk their past work, and ask around. Working with products Mother Nature you just never know what may come your way as a florist from week to week, knowing how to handle those last-minute "oops" moments and turn them into floral masterpieces is crucial.

Experience means so much when it comes to your florals. I should clarify this, I am not saying just because someone has years of experience this equates to them being a good florist or better than a newbie. When an individual has taken the time to educate themselves, learn design principles and colour theory, as well as practiced their craft, this to me is experience. What I am saying is just because some claims they 'do flowers', doesn't mean they actually have the skills, knowledge, or talent to do so.

"Flowers create a feeling; they add interest & impact. Flowers add a natural element to indoor spaces and compliment and harmonize with the colour palette of your event decor and wedding party.  They bring everything together!" Janine from Florence Floral Design.

It takes skills, knowledge, and talent to do what Janine describes! Yes, anyone can grab a bunch of flowers and say they can design for you, but without some experience you may be looking back on those wedding photos wishing Aunt Debbie would have just been a guest.

Topic 3: Cost

Arch Flowers for a wedding at The Glen at Crossmount in Saskatoon designed by Michelle's Flowers
Florals done by Michelle's Flowers

Let's talk green – and we're not just talking about the stems. Like everything in today’s economy, prices keep rising, that includes the cost of flowers. We don’t live in the most convenient part of the world logistically for flowers which means shipping costs are steep. (We are lucky that most in Saskatchewan so that is a bonus)

Most people have no clue about the cost of flowers. Why would you if you have never planned a big event?! My personal suggestion for couples planning their wedding flowers is sit down and chat about where flowers are important and not specific types of flowers just yet. (Let’s be honest, 90% of the brides planning will be choosing this so maybe a sit down chat is not needed, am I right?!)

"Figure out your wedding budget first. Then take 20% and allocate it to florals or decor items. If you don't know your budget, it is easy to overspend. Ask your florist for ideas to stay on budget.  They should have alternatives or suggestions for you." Joanne from Twig and Bloom.

Quick tip on where to start: Break it down to 3 areas ... Wedding Party Florals, Ceremony Florals, and Reception Florals. Create that dream list without the thought of how much it will cost.

(If you would like a break down of who generally get flowers and common places flowers are used at a wedding send us an email, happy to send over the list we pass onto our brides!)

Once you have this list ready, gather some inspiration photos of what you like as well make a list if any favourite flowers you may have, this will help to get a more accurate quote on your wedding flowers in Saskatoon.

You are now ready to go to your top fave florists and get a quote for your wedding flowers, see if you jive with them, and make a choice on who to book! (Keep in mind that florists do book up as they can only take on some much wedding work for one day. So fingers crossed your faves are available)

If the items on your wish list are not feasible for you, pick the items that are a must and go from there. Ask your florist for some suggestions or ideas for a replacement if you are not able to go with the items on that wish list due to cost.

Choosing a florist for your Saskatoon wedding should not solely be based on costs (although important); it's about finding a florist who vibes with your style, knows their stuff, and also won't break the bank.

Now that there is a little more understanding into what it takes to create those dreamy florals, set out and find that florist that will bring your vision to life!

-Michelle's Flowers and Team

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